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Millawarra Free Range Lamb

Our lambs are free. They are free from fences, free from stress, free from hormone growth promotants, and most importantly, free to roam and graze.

Millawarra free range lambs wander the grassy hills of the Victorian countryside and grow up in a calm and natural environment. They are nurtured by farmers who know that by giving their lambs a better life, they are giving you better tasting meat. Our hand selection ensures that only the freshest, sweetest and finest cuts are labelled Millawarra Free Rang Lamb.

Kent and Mercer

Kent & Mercer lamb is grown with passion and care.

We believe that high quality farming creates high quality meat. That’s why these British bred lambs are free to roam, explore and feed on the lush Victorian pastures. They are free to drink the clean water and breath the fresh air. Each premium cut is then carefully processed and individually graded by Delica’s experienced Master Butchers, ensuring tenderness, juiciness and a rich flavour every time.

90 Mile

Beef and Lamb that tastes good and does good for the planet.

90 Mile is a premium range of Victorian beef and lamb that is committed to environmental and sustainable farming practices. Our beef and lamb are locally sourced from farms within a 90 mile radius of Melbourne, only a short trip from their paddock to your kitchen. They are raised with expert care in low-stress environments where they are free to roam and they are free from growth promotants. 90 Mile will help you reduce your carbon footprint while you serve delicious, juicy meat that is full of flavour.