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Claremont Plains

Blue skies, fresh air and the green rolling hills of the local Victorian countryside.

The Claremont Plains cattle live happy and healthy lives. They grow strong as nature intended, grass-fed beef – free from hormones and growth promotants. These quality British bred yearling cattle are treated with care through ethical farming practices, ensuring a low-stress environment from the paddock to your kitchen. All of this respect gives you tender meat with well-balanced flavour. Claremont Plains is beef that you can rely on every time and can afford everyday.

Sir Angus

All rise for Sir Angus!

Be upstanding for the small collective of Victorian farmers that grows remarkable cattle. Through many years of research, breeding, and expertise they have rewarded us with meat of surpassing quality. To earn the title of Sir Angus cattle they need to be Victorian pure blood grass-fed Black Angus and aged up to 36 months. Our experienced graders individually certify the cattle. Cuts are graded for their colour and must achieve a marbling score of 2+ to guarantee a balanced flavour and succulent tenderness. It is this passion that is carried from the paddock to the plate that makes Sir Angus the first choice for any discerning meat lover with aristocratic tastes.

Surrey Farms

Surrey Farms pride themselves on producing prime British bred grass-fed beef.

Drawing on tradition and many generations of expertise, Surrey Farms know how to breed beautiful beef. Farmed exclusively in the rich and abundant pastures of Southern Victoria, our beef is hand selected by our Master Butchers to ensure the highest quality flavour every time. Free roaming, happy livestock combined with our rigorous grading ensure you always enjoy premium grass-fed beef from Surrey Farms.

90 Mile

Beef and Lamb that tastes good and does good for the planet.

90 Mile is a premium range of Victorian beef and lamb that is committed to environmental and sustainable farming practices. Our beef and lamb are locally sourced from farms within a 90 mile radius of Melbourne, only a short trip from their paddock to your kitchen, farm to plate – fresh meat. They are raised with expert care in low-stress environments where they are free to roam and they are free from growth promotants. 90 Mile will help you reduce your carbon footprint while you serve delicious, juicy meat that is full of flavour.